SoliCall develops software products that enhance the quality of the audio in telephony. SoliCall’s products are used in mobile phones, desktops, call centers, conference bridges, VoIP networks and in the cloud. We never rest and we constantly keep improving our advanced technology to address new challenges. SoliCall’s technology currently filters 15 million calls per day driven by our worldwide customer base.

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Tech Thoughts
"I’m old enough to still be amazed by unique technology - is based on identifying the voice of the speaker"

"they get the job done...I was pleasantly surprised as to how well SoliCall actually worked...I can highly recommend SoliCall"

Mobility Techzone
"Using patented technology, SoliCall has developed a way to significantly improve audio quality in telephony"

"We are excited about partnership with SoliCall experts...to provide best quality sound and low latency web communications"

"Japan Communications, Inc., deployed SoliCall audio quality improvement solutions to improve sound on its networks"

"SoliCall to offer its PBXMate product as an Elastix Addons module"

"Daum Communications Integrated SoliCall in Its VoIP Network"

"SoliCall has overcome the technical difficulties that tend to exist on the server side of audio filtering"

Voip Catalog
"SoliCall’s technology...has empowered Herit to increase company’s MOS score"

"SoliCall Helps ISC Achieve New Levels in Audio Quality"

"InterMedia to Implement SoliCall PBXMate for Call Center"

"SoliCall Inks Deal with Three International Companies"

"Windows Mobile smartphones users will sound clearer "

"Like the glance of heaven in hell"

LANZen technology strategy in business
"Making a big noise in VoIP noise reduction"

VoIP, Web 2.0 & Tech News
"VoIP without noise - deliver what they promise"

Solomon's VoIP World
"Solicall's PBXMate - great success, tremendous improvement"

"SoliCall is a must have application"

"Been there - need that. Just what the world needs"

The NY Times
"The website and the software look inviting"

VoIP Central
"Background noise? SoliCall is here"

VoIP Technology
"SoliCall makes us hear better"

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SoliCall is a private company based in Tel-Mond, Israel.