SoliCall Connect Integration

Install SoliCall Pro

On the Agent’s PCs download and install the  professional version of SoliCall Pro you received from us. Follow the integration guidelines.

Installing the License Server
1. Select a PC that will be active all the time, with a fix IP, so it can provide licenses to all installations of SoliCall Pro.
2. On this PC install SoliCall Pro. Afterwards, extract to the bin directory the license server files you received from us.
3. Open the “Tools->Enter License” and provide the license key you received from us. Afterwards, you should see the purchased licensed quantity on the main screen:

4. Go to “Tools->License server” and write the IP of the license server machine and the port you would like to use for communication.

Note: Once the license server is started, it takes it 5 minutes until it will provide licenses to SoliCall Pro instances.

Configuring the License Server on each PC

On each installation of SoliCall Pro, you should see the error “Invalid License Server”.

To resolve this error, go to “Tools->License Server” and enter the same IP and port you put for the license server:

Now, the error message will be removed and also you should see the actual usage count on the license server increasing

Prerequisites for installing PBXMate for Call Centers
1. The network between the Agent’s PCs and the PBXMate server should be fast to avoid delays to the audio.
2. The IP of the PBXMate server and Agent’s PCs should be fix. If it that is not the case in your system, please consult with to  discuss alternatives.
3.  Make sure there is no firewall that might be blocking the communication between SoliCall Pro and PBXMate.

Installing PBXMate (using a pre-built Virtual Machine)
1. Download a VM image of the PBXMate server.
2. Using VMware player (or similar) open and run the VM image.
3. Open a browser and navigate to http://[Server IP]:8083 . From your browser you can control and monitor PBXMate.  Note: if you do not know the server IP, you can login to the server and the IP will be displayed on the welcome screen.
4. If you want to cancel voices of people that are not talking over the phone, for example the voice of the supervisor giving instructions to the agents, you will need to connect the supervisor station to PBXMate. Please read chapter “Call Generator” in the manual.

Note: for production load, please contact us to discuss the required specifications for the PBXMate server.

Configuring PBXMate on each PC

On each installation of SoliCall Pro, go to “Tools->PBXMate” and turn ON “Use PBXMate” and update the IP of PBXMate server.


Note: if during a phone call, SoliCall Pro is unable to communicate with PBXMate for more than few seconds, a warning message will be displayed and the audio will be filtered by SoliCall Pro only without PBXMate filtering.


Deactivating filtering on each PC

Since AEC is usually not required due to usage of headsets, we recommend to disable “Echo Cancellation” in SoliCall Pro.  Similarly, we recommend disabling PNR since the significant noise reduction work is done by RNR on the server.

Testing the Noise Map

If you have configured the above correctly, you should see, in the browser of PBXMate, the noise-map being populated.

Testing the statistics

In the browser of PBXMate you could look at the accumulated statistics

Testing the Audio Quality

In addition to listening to the audio “after” filtering, you could also activate recording in PBXMate. Such recording will capture both the “before” and “after” so you could compare them.