SoliCall Pro – Activating Local RNR

If you suffer from ambient noise that is generated by other people talking around you, a TV playing in the background etc.,  you can use the RNR algorithm to improve the attenuation of these type of noises. In order to do so, you should connect a second microphone to your PC. For example you can use a simple USB dongle & mic.

Place the second microphone (also known as a “reference microphone”) far away from you and near the source of the noise. Then, open the advanced options menu, enable RNR and select the second/reference microphone.

If you move the “RNR aggressiveness” slider to the right, the noise reduction will be more aggressive.

Note, when you activate RNR, the quality of the local echo cancellation will be reduced. Therefore, if you enable RNR, we recommend you use headsets or lower the volume of your speakers.