PBXMate Case Study JCI

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) is one of the major data MVNOs in Japan offering 3G cellular wireless data communication services in Japan and US. Japan Communications introduced the world first 050 number based mobile VoIP service and it continues to introduce innovative services and products to the market. JCI chose SoliCall’s PBXMate to improve audio quality in their VoIP network. SoliCall’s PBXMate helps JCI achieve high audio quality for all its mobile devices without increasing their CPU load and without the need to develop and integrate a specific solution for each mobile device.

“We’re very pleased with SoliCall’s PBXMate noise and echo cancelling technologies that suites for mobile data communications” said Yasushi Kudo, Senior VP for Japan Communications Inc. “Latency and jitter in the wireless world is very unstable compared to traditional wireline and we’ve been looked for solutions that actually work under such difficult conditions across the globe. SoliCall was the only solution that met our criteria”, Mr. Kudo concluded.

One of the major benefits that the PBXMate brings to JCI is the ability to do server-side echo cancellation on behalf of the mobile phones. In the below example you can see and hear the audio with echo as it was captured by the phones:

Following is the output after it was processed by PBXMate: