SoliCall’s innovative technology enables our customers to improve audio quality in their applications, networks and devices. Our technology has matured over years of experience working with numerous customers world-wide and analyzing the complexity of audio behavior in various scenarios. Our technology is based on advanced signal processing algorithms that are implemented in software and does not require any hardware changes. For fast deployment and in order to enable using our technology out-of-the-box, we have developed default settings for different scenarios . In addition we have developed tools that enable optimizing results and quality for specific cases. Our technology can be deployed at any location in the audio path including the near-end, the server and the far-end.

Following are the main components of our technology:

1. Noise reduction including our patented profile-based noise reduction (PNR) and advanced reference-based noise reduction (RNR).

2. Echo cancellation for both client side and server/network side.

3. Innovative wrappers for plug-and-play installation in contact centers, VoIP networks, desktops etc.

4. Secret ingredient.