Noise Reduction

We define noise as any audio signal that was not originated from the speaker’s vocal tract. Noise in telephony is a common problem in many usage scenarios both indoors and outdoors, like:

  • In a subway station, ambient noise can be announcements over a public address system (PA) or the sound of trains passing by.
  • In a call center, ambient noise can be other agents talking nearby, people talking in a coffee corner or the supervisor’s voice.
  • On the street, ambient noise can be car horn or wind noise.

Our profile-based noise reduction (PNR) technology focuses on the speaker’s voice and attenuates other background sounds. As opposed to ordinary solutions, the profile-bases algorithm identifies the speaker’s voice and extracts it from the audio signal. It does not focus on specific noises but on the voice of the speaker. This unique technology can also work bi-directional and improve both the outgoing audio and the incoming audio. More information on PNR technology can be found in our blog.

In addition, SoliCall offers a reference-based noise reduction (RNR). This sophisticated technology enables removing any type of noise, including voices of other people talking around you, announcements in the PA etc.  One popular usage of RNR technology is to reduce noise in call centers. You are invited to read additional information on RNR technology and voice cancellation.


And finally, it goes without saying that in addition to our the advanced PNR & RNR we also offer a classic powerful and robust noise reduction algorithm.