SoliCall Connect

SoliCall Connect is part of the noise firewall solution. It is a powerful product for call centers that combines centralized server-side noise reduction with seamless client side integration. SoliCall Connect is targeted for contact centers that are using softphones – like most popular cloud-based call centers.

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SoliCall Connect combines PBXMate for Call Centers with SoliCall Pro to offer the following:

• Centralized noise reduction that in real-time correlates the audio in all calls in order to identify the source of noise and remove it from the calls. It removes any type of noise including voices of other agents in the background, instructions of the supervisor, internal PA system etc.

• Centralized machine learning algorithms that keeps learning the noise-map in the call center floor.

• Seamless integration with any windows-based softphone. The softphone can be a stand-alone phone application, like Genesys softphone or Avaya softphone, a browser-based phone, like Amazon Connect or Nice inContact, or any other webRTC based softphone.

Fault tolerance utilizing the distributed architecture of this product.

Integrating SoliCall Connect in your call center is straightforward.