Noise Firewall

NOISE FIREWALL™ is a software solution for call centers and shared workspaces. It blocks the ambient noise of the call center/shared workspace and prevents customers from overhearing it. The following video illustrates the Noise Firewall in action:

The main benefits of the Noise Firewall solution are:

Customer experience (CX). Shields the customers from ambient noise of the call center such as other agents talking with other customers, supervisor giving instructions, announcements on the PA etc.

Hybrid. Supports hybrid work model which combines work from the office with remote work. For at-home agent, the Noise Firewall will also remove any non-human sounds like dog barking, car horn etc.

Automation. Improves the accuracy of transcription and any other voice analytic.

Flexibility. Can be deployed in almost any telephony environment and supports both a distributed and a centralized architecture.

Security and regulations.  Does not require connection to any cloud service and in addition protects sensitive and private data from being overheard by the customers which corresponds with regulations such as PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA and GDPR.

Dashboard. Provides a useful dashboard with statistics on call quality including a Noise Map of the call center. This information enables ongoing monitoring and improvement.

• Bidirectional.  Can work on both sides of the call and remove the ambient noise of the customer.

• Volume.  Adjusts the speech volume to a comfortable level.

Efficiency. Improves the productivity by reducing AHT.


The Noise Firewall solution can be deployed by using one of the following products:

PBXMate for Call Centers. This product connects to the telephony infrastructure using the SIP standard. It is usually connected either as Sip Proxy to the phones or Sip Trunk to the PBX.

SoliCall Connect. This product does not connect to the telephony infrastructure. It receives the audio by generating a virtual microphone and speaker on the PC. This technique enables simple integration with any softphone that is running on Windows.


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