SoliCall develops patented technology for improving audio quality in telephony. SoliCall’s unique noise reduction software includes an innovative NOISE FIREWALL™ for contact centers, a versatile echo cancellation software and a unique noise reduction technology. With SoliCall’s noise cancellation software you can easily improve audio quality in any type of phone call.

Our worldwide customer base includes companies of all sizes from big blue-chip companies to small start-up companies. Among our customers you can find:
• Developers of communication software and devices that embed our advanced technology in their solution using our OEM products.
• Call Centers that use our noise firewall solution to remove noise from the calls, improve customer experience (CX), prevent leakage of private data and increase the accuracy of voice analytic.
• Conference Bridge providers, VoIP operators, Education Centers and companies around the world that install our plug-and-play products to remove echo and noise from their calls.

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Why choose us ?

  • Cutting edge technology

    Our advanced and innovative technology has matured over the years by solving highly complex audio quality issues taking into account challenging demands from our customers. Moreover, we never rest and we keep investing and improving our technology while increasing the satisfaction of our respectable customer base.

  • Track record

    Years of experience enable us to provide a professional solution to any audio quality issue you might encounter. The fact that our technology is used world-wide to filter millions of calls per day serves as a good indication for the quality of our technology and for our commitment to successful deployments.

  • We care

    Our dedicated professional support team will help you analyze the audio behavior in your system and will guide you on the best tuning to maximize audio quality in your environment.

Innovative and patented noise reduction technology.

Compatible with many devices and platforms.

Available for cloud-based communication.

Improves audio quality and increases MOS.

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