Echo Cancellation

Echo is one of the most disturbing problems in telecommunication. Once echo appears in a phone call and you start hearing yourself, most probably the remaining duration of the call will be very short. In some cases, the resulting howling effect will generate a deafening noise. Based on our years of experience in this field analyzing different devices and usage scenarios, we have developed a robust echo cancellation technology that can be tuned to almost any possible device and application.  Our technology can be used in many non-trivial environments that might suffer from:

  • Long and unstable echo tail.
  • Audio distortion.
  • Unsynchronized sound systems (e.g. sound-cards).

Our echo canceller can be used in calls with multiple participants, call with two participants and even calls with a single participant that is using a public address system (PA).

Our echo canceller can be used both in the client and in the network/cloud cancelling echo coming from the clients and echo coming from far-end networks.

The source of the echo is usually acoustic and therefore the echo cancellation technology is frequently named acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). But, from time to time we also encounter the need to solve line echo cancellation.

If you already tried integrating an echo canceller in your system you know that the technology itself is not enough to cancel the echo in many scenarios. Therefore, our echo canceller is equipped with unique debug and monitoring capabilities that enable our audio experts to guide our customers on tuning the AEC and the audio behavior in their system/application in order to optimize the echo cancellation.

In order to familiarize yourself with the main terms related to echo cancellation we recommend reading our blog series on echo cancellation.