SoliCall ACW

SoliCall After Call Work (ACW) is an offline software that processes existing recorded files and improves their audio quality. The ACW uses SoliCall’s advanced algorithms to cancel the noise and adjust speech volume.  It can work on both audio and video recordings. Using advanced file modules SoliCall ACW supports most known recording file formats.


Following are typical usage scenarios in which SoliCall ACW can be useful:


1. Organizations that record their Zoom meetings and want to remove the noise from the zoom recorded files before publishing them to all participants.

2. Call Centers that want to improve recording quality before they are played for example in quality management process.

3. Education centers that record their classes and are looking to remove the noise from the recordings before publishing them.

4. Organizations that are looking to reduce disk space of their recordings. Up to 50% of disk space can be saved.

5. Call Centers that wants to increase the accuracy of voice analytic engines by providing them clean audio.