Mobile and Client SDK

The mobile/client SDK is designed for developers of VoIP solutions and platforms that are looking to improve the quality of their solution. The SDK is a software library that should be embedded in the audio path of the client/mobile platform using a simple API. The SDK offers noise cancellation, echo cancellation and AGC. In addition the SDK provides real-time statistics that can be used for monitoring & decision making. The SDK works on all popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. Since the SDK is written in ANSI C++, it can be easily ported to any platform that has a C++ compiler. The SDK is targeted for:
1. SoftPhone developers.
2. Developers of VoIP solution that have access to the audio on the client/mobile devices.
3. Manufacturers of mobile phones and other audio devices.
4. Developers of analytic software like Speech To Text.

Some of the benefits:
• Improve both outgoing & incoming voice quality (bi-directional).
• Noise cancellation/suppression.
• Echo Cancellation/Echo Suppression including far-end AEC.
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
• Real-time feedback on the quality of the audio.
• Flexible configuration that covers variety of usage scenarios and requirements like different sampling rates and multiple aggressive tuning.
• The SDK is very efficient and can work on devices that have minimal CPU power available and no GPU.
• Built-in debug capabilities that enable our support team guide you how to tune audio quality.

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