Mobile and Client SDK

The mobile/client SDK is designed for developers of VoIP solutions and platforms that are looking to improve the quality of the voice. The SDK is embedded in the audio path of the client/mobile platform using a simple API. The SDK offers noise reduction including our profile-based noise reduction, reference-based noise reduction, noise suppression, echo cancellation, echo suppression and AGC. In addition the SDK provides real-time feedback on the quality of the audio. The SDK works with all popular platforms (e.g. Android, iOS (iPhone), Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Linux). Since the SDK is written in ANSI C++, it can be easily ported to any platform that has a C++ compiler. The SDK is targeted for:
1. SoftPhone developers.
2. Developers of VoIP solution that have access to the audio on the client/mobile devices.
3. Manufacturers of mobile phones and other audio devices.

Some of the benefits:
• Improve both outgoing & incoming voice quality (bi-directional).
• Noise cancellation/suppression including profile-based tuning.
• Echo Cancellation/Echo Suppression including far-end AEC.
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
• Real-time feedback on the quality of the audio.
• Flexible configuration that covers variety of usage scenarios and requirements (e.g. different sampling rates, range of aggressive levels, different CPU requirements, etc.).
• Built-in debug capabilities that enable our support team guide our customers how to fix audio behavior and tune audio quality.

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