Noise firewall for call centers and echo cancellation for VoIP

PBXMate is targeted for call centers, providers of conferencing solutions, operators and organizations looking to increase audio quality, improve customer experience, prevent leakage of private data and monitor overall quality. PBXMate is a software product and can be used without making any change to the hardware. PBXMate is equipped with advance noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms and it also offers unique functionality for call center.  In addition to call centers, PBXMate technology can be used in any other noisy location like open office, street, railway station, factory etc.  PBXMate can also be used to assure echo-free calls. PBXMate also monitors the quality of the network and provides real-time visual alerts when quality drops in any of the calls.  SoliCall’s PBXMate can be easily integrated in any network that has an interface to the common SIP standard. With PBXMate’s plug-and-play technology you can start cleaning calls within few minutes without changing your hardware.

PBXMate displays real-time statistics on calls in progress and aggregated statistics on all the calls that were processed. Some of the information, like the noise-map, is based on machine learning logic.  You can use this information to value the improvement provided by PBXMate and also to gain control and insight on call quality factors in your organization.

Some of the benefits for Call Center:
• Improve customer experience. Shield your customers from ambient noise in your call center such as agents talking with other customers, announcements on the PA etc.
• Prevent leakage of private data. Protect private data from being overheard by your customers which corresponds with regulations such as PCI, FedRAMP and HIPAA.
• Increase productivity. Solve audio quality issues that disturb your CSRs such as low audio volume and noise coming from customer side.
• Improve the accuracy of transcription and analytic in noisy call centers.
• Reduce cost. Exceed the quality of any other solution, such as high-end headset, at a lower cost and lower effort.
• Enable ongoing monitoring and improvement using the on-line quality monitoring tools and the visual noise-map of your call center.
• Enhance the archive. Improve the quality of the stored recordings.

Some of the benefits for conference bridges and any other telephony network:
• Remove noise from calls entering a conference bridge and enhance audio quality in conference calls.
• Server side Echo Cancellation and Echo Suppression.
• Assure comfortable audio level in all conditions.
• Real-time monitor of call quality (noise level, echo level, jitter, packet loss etc.).
• Improve the quality of your recordings and analytics such as customer authentication and speech-to-text.

Who is using PBXMate ? PBXMate is used world-wide by variety of companies to improve audio quality in their network. For example it is used by dozens of call centers of the U.S. Air Force, a big telephony operator in Mexico, dozens of call centers in Asia Pacific,  a big conference call provider in England, BPOs world-wide, providers of monitoring networks and many others.

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