SoliCall developed patented technology for improving audio quality in telephony. SoliCall’s unique audio noise reduction software includes noise reduction featuring innovative profile-based noise reduction, client or cloud based echo cancellation and automatic gain control. With SoliCall’s noise cancellation software you can easily improve voice quality in VoIP, PSTN etc. SoliCall’s technology can work on mobile phones, desktops, VoIP networks and cloud.

Patented profile-based technology available out-of-the-box.

Easily integrated in mobile devices, clients and servers.

Plug-and-play solution for operators, call centers and cloud-based communication.

Improve audio quality and increase MOS.

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Why choose us ?

Advanced technology designed to resolve audio quality issues even in highly complex scenarios and environments.

With years of experience and a respectable customer base our technology is used world-wide and filters billions of voice chat minutes per month.

Our highly skilled support team is exceptionally responsive and provides professional guidance to our customers.