Acoustic Echo Cancellation Software and Noise Reduction Solutions

SoliCall is a leading provider of software products focused on improving sound quality in VoIP. SoliCall is specializing in the fields of acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and noise suppression with the added value of identification of the speaker. Now you can make your calls a pleasant experience.

The need for robust noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies is more important than ever. Phone calls are made from crowded and noisy environments, for example from call centers and from the road.  Even home-office can be noisy when your children are around. As a result, phone calls contain, in addition to the speaker’s voice, acoustic echo and unwanted ambient noise like car horn, other people talking around you, wind noise, screaming kids, background music and keyboard-strokes.

In addition, SoliCall offers a robust server-side and network echo cancellation that can handle a very long tail. The echo cancellation can dramatically improve the quality of the calls and can work bi-directional.

SoliCall’s advanced noise reduction technology can be used to enhance voice quality in different products and usage scenarios among which are smartphones, VoIP phones and also environments like call centers, conference bridges, open offices and gateways.

SoliCall can also monitor call quality and calculate various parameters including MOS scores. This information can help plan & improve the quality of service (QoS) in your VoIP network.

Now you can make your calls a pleasant experience! Contact us for more information about our noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation products.

Following is an overview of our most popular products:

Plug-and-Play Products

PBXMate – for call centers, conference bridge provides, network operators and organization looking to improve audio quality in their telephony.

SoliCall Pro – for organizations looking to improve audio quality when using soft-phones.

Check out the comparison between these two products.

OEM Products

Mobile and Client SDK  – for companies that want to integrate our technology in their client software or devices.

Server SDK – for companies that want to integrate our technology in their server solution.