SoliCall Pro

SoliCall Pro improves audio quality when making calls from a PC/laptop and is compatible with all modern flavors of Windows. It can be easily integrated with any commercial soft-phone/VoIP application (e.g. Skype). Now your calls will be free from noise and echo while you continue using your favorite soft-phone, microphone and speakers.

Some of the benefits:
• Performs echo cancellation and noise reduction on both sides of the call.
• Works with all commercial soft-phones and audio formats.
• Records the calls.
• Simple integration with your soft-phone.


Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Free evaluation period: 10 days.


1. This product does not contain some of our professional tuning. Companies interested in performing a professional evaluation of our technology – please contact us.

2. This product is targeted for organizations and the minimum purchase quantity is 5 licenses.