Case Study 1Point1

Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, 1Point1 is a Public Listed Company that helps businesses build better capabilities and enables them to achieve seamless growth. 1Point1 has 5 service centers located across Navi-Mumbai, Gurgaon, Indore and Bangalore. In addition to English, 1Point1 members have mastery over 13 regional languages of India.

Domestic workplace in a BPM set up houses anywhere between 350 to 500 agents in the peak production hour in about 18,000 Sq. Ft area, which innately prepares a surrounding full of constant live telephonic conversation between calling/called customers and supporting agents. The aggregate of 500 people speaking side by side creates background noise which despite absorption from noise cancelling infrastructure spills over as cross bar talk in the live conversation with the customer which coupled with possibilities of the customer being in a noisy surrounding, such as being on the road, in a shopping area or other transit platforms, brings the quality of conversation down substantially, thereby negatively impacting customer experience. 1Point1 was looking for a solution that worked in harmony with the infrastructure both physical and logical that has been laid out and yet shielded the conversation not just at the end of the agent but also worked just as effectively in reducing noise coming from the end of the customer. 1Piont1 was looking for a software based solution that could scale with ease keeping cost, time and effort of implementation within check.


1Point1 has integrated PBXMate for call centers in their VoIP network that is based on Genesys. Integration was straightforward using the SIP standard protocol.


Audio quality was significantly improved. In addition AHT (Average Handle Time) was reduced by 2% which is about as much of an impact that noise makes on account of removing repetition.

In the below example you can see and hear the noisy audio that was captured by the phone:

Following is the output after it was processed by PBXMate: