SoliCall Pro – Voice Cancellation

Voice Cancellation using SoliCall Pro

This section explains how to remove ambient human voice using SoliCall Pro. If the volume of the background voice is not too loud, then SoliCall Pro should be able to remove it. You can control the aggressive level of this feature using the “Cancel low voice aggressiveness” spinner:

Otherwise, if the background speech volume is loud, there are two options:

1. For co-located PCs we recommend upgrading to our enterprise level SoliCall Connect product. Check out the difference between SoliCall Connect and SoliCall Pro.

2. Alternatively, you can continue using SoliCall Pro and connect a second microphone to the PC as explained below.

Connecting a second microphone

Place the second microphone (a.k.a.  “reference microphone”) at least 1 meter away from you and facing the source of noise.

External USB microphone

Then, open the advanced options menu, enable RNR and select the second/reference microphone.

When RNR is enabled, for best experience we recommend to use headsets.

The controls “Set Microphone Volume” and “Microphone Volume” can be used to control the level of audio that is received from the reference microphone. Use these controls if the volume of reference microphone is loud and saturated.  Reducing the value of the spinner will reduce the volume level.