SoliCall Pro Integration – Advanced

Following are advanced options for configuring SoliCall Pro.

Using Specific Audio Device and selecting the desired audio filtering

By default SoliCall will use the “Default Communication Device” of your computer. If you do not want SoliCall to use the “Default Communication Device”, go to SoliCall menu “Tools –> Options” and choose a specific sound devices you want SoliCall to use.

Using the above options screen, select the desired audio filters. Following is a brief explanation of the filters:

PNR – Uses a generic profile to enhance the noise reduction (both for incoming and outgoing audio).

Noise Reduction – Remove ambient noise on your side so your party can hear better.

Echo Cancellation – Cancel echo on your side so your party will not hear himself/herself. If you are not using headset you should enable this filter.

Incoming Noise Reduction – Remove ambient noise coming from the far-end so you can hear better.

Incoming Echo Cancellation – Cancel echo coming from the far-end so you will not hear yourself.

• The two sliders for noise reduction aggressiveness and echo cancellation aggressiveness control the aggressiveness of the filters. Increase aggressiveness by moving the slider to the right and reduce aggressiveness by moving the slider to the left.

•  Automatic Gain Control can make sure volume level (of both sides) will be aligned with the target volume level. Enable this feature if either you or your party find it hard to hear each other. Moving the slider to the right will increase the target volume level.

Removing ambient human voices

If you suffer from ambient noise that contains human voices, e.g. other people talking around you,  we recommend to activate the Reference-Based noise reduction algorithm to aggressively attenuate the ambient human voices. In order to do so, you should connect a second microphone to your PC. You can use, for example, a USB dongle connected to a microphone or any other type of USB microphone.


Place the second microphone (a.k.a.  “reference microphone”) at least 1 meter away from you and facing the source of noise. Then, open the advanced options menu, enable RNR and select the second/reference microphone.

If you move the “RNR aggressiveness” slider to the right, the noise reduction will be more aggressive.

When RNR is enabled, for best experience we recommend to use headsets.