Innovative Wrappers

In addition to our core technology, we developed innovative wrappers that enable smooth integration in different scenarios.

We offer two main wrappers:

1. SIP Trunk/Proxy. Our PBXMate product is a sophisticated SIP wrapper to our Server SDK. As a result, the PBXMate enables call-centers, conference bridge providers, operators and organizations to easily plug our technology in their network as a standard SIP Trunk or SIP Proxy. The integration of PBXMate in the network is simple and in a matter of minutes you can start filtering calls.

2. Virtual Audio Device. Our SoliCall Pro product wraps our Client SDK for Windows with a virtual audio driver. As a result, our technology can be easily deployed on any Windows client and can be used to improve audio quality of any third party soft-phone (e.g. Skype, Avaya, Aspect etc.).